Asparagus Season Begins!


Asparagus is one of the favorite vegetables in Germany. 2013 for example was in fact the season that was dedicated to asparagus greater acreage in Germany.
White asparagus season is a most waited sign of spring. Between April and June the menu in most homes and restaurants revolves around the asparagus. In other countries you think green stems, in Germany it is his brother, white asparagus, which dominates the dishes.
There are a total of three different types of asparagus, whites, greens and purples, the difference is that the vegetable has not yet left the ground and then treated buds of the plant. Upon contact with the sun outbreaks enverdecen and colored.
In Germany most asparagus come from:
Schrobenhausen in Bavaria, Baden-Wurttemberg Schwetzingen and Beelitz in Brandenburg.
The most traditional way to eat is white asparagus with ham, potatoes and warm hollandaise sauce.
If you’re in Berlin this season BEBA Berlin Agentur can take you to try this delicious dish.

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