Christmas Markets

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Since the sixteenth century, the Christmas markets tradition exists in Berlin, and begins to illuminate the streets and districts of the city from the beginning of Advent (Late November and / or early December).
There are about 80 markets throughout the city, each, varying the size of small markets, they are in each Berlin quarter, small side streets, sidewalks, avenues and shopping stores.
There is something for everyone in the markets you can find all kinds of accessories to decorate your home with Christmas products and handicrafts. You also find gastronomic delights and the famous “Glühwein” is a German alcoholic drink that consists mainly of wine and spices. Perfectly passing with the cold months of November and December. It is the most typical drink of the German Christmas markets. As is tradition, at nightfall, it is worth mentioning that this happens around 16 hrs., People start to attend with friends and family to “shop around” for their favorite market, try a delicious “Glühwein or just to contemplate the beauty splendor and ingenious handicrafts of those cute single markets.

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A list of the 4 major markets in the city.
Christmas market in front of the Charlottenburg Palace
Charlottenburg Palace offers the best location for walking in the time before Christmas. More than 250 international exhibitors present here in wooden stands, their finest craftsmanship, ancient craft works, fine dining and the best cuisine. In addition, numerous events.

Christmas Market at Gendarmenmarkt

Christmas Market at Potsdamer Platz

Christmas Market in the “Gedächtniskirche”